Protect your Brand

We live in a time where politics can/will ruin your brand. Beware of President Trump, the White House team and the band of Trump followers spreading hate across the world. Everything, we mean everything, is about the weak 'left' instead of important issues that matter.

Sadly, this new breed of politics lack inspiration to make a difference in this world. The moment any public figures make unfavorable comments or post disrespectful material on Donald J. Trump, the right attack these people. President Trump urges all brands to leave these people. Don't connect your brand, job and any job positions to social media accounts you use to debate politics.

Petty Trump supporters are out to destroy all people who disagree with their Master Trump. If the left, even progressives, make controversial comments, the right are quick to throw stones at them. Own a brand? Work with an influential company? Debating Trump and his poor decision making abilities could result in job termination and/or loss of business.

Noticed that millions of right-based supporters lack inspiration to empower people? They hang around right-themed websites, banding together with like-minded people to bash the left. Liberals who get lost on these right websites meet the Devil in the flesh. There is so much hate, outsiders can feel this negativity steaming their computer processors--melting their confidence.

President Trump refuses to accept personal accountability for his actions. All that matters to him: How people view him as the American President. He is the only person in America that will not lose his job for making controversial comments. However, mean-spirited rightists are out to torture the left because their side won the general election. Extreme right supporters remind leftists about their guns. Their primary goal is to quiet down the left with fear. The only quotes we see posted on right-themed websites are those insulting the mental state of liberals.

Electing Donald J. Trump changed the legacy of America. Should we think that coal mining jobs are healthy for traditionalists who are unwilling to cross-train into new jobs? In these job-torn regions in Middle America, unemployed people feel the US government left them behind. They truly believe President Trump will pay attention to them. We realize their financial pain and self-worth have taken a huge hit. However, meaningless social media wars appear to motivate Trump.

Spiteful right demons treat politics like sports. "My team won, yours lost" is bolstering their influence on the web. Of course, these cowards hide behind their computer screens using web monikers. Do you believe these people will say mean things, like Trump, if their personal details are imprinted on the web? Probably not!

Social media, especially one-dimensional Twitter, gave the world Donald J. Trump. It gave this controversial billionaire a strong voice to arm his followers to troll liberals/Democrats/left. It's sad that our world has come down to a particular side and Donald J. Trump. In reality, the world, not just America, will feel the Trump burn.

As a reminder, avoid connecting social media handles used to discuss politics with your brands, job positions and companies you work at. The moment President Trump and/or his followers decide to take you down, you will lose everything. We don't live in a forgiving time.

The right believe their side is all that matters in America. Trump's bully tactics rubbed off on millions of people. Hate is the new norm. Humankindness is losing its luster. The American people are now viewed as sides. Conservatives are quick to rub their dirty feet on liberals.

Change must happen sooner than later! Assault on our American legacy is happening right now. The world is watching the United States of America fall victim to an extremist party unwilling to unite as one. The possible motivation of the Trump Administration: Divide the left and right.

Protect your brand and jobs against hate-driven trolls willing to see you dangle above fire.

The Russian Connection

Making the Russian Connection
Russian Sanctions

The American people 
question the motivation behind the United States putting sanctions on Russia. Most people assume Russia could do whatever they want and won’t worry what the world thinks of their actions. However, the world does not work this way—so Russia understands the pain these sanctions cause them.

The Obama Administration placed sanctions on Russia in response to their invasion of Ukraine. Why would Russia take control of the Ukraine? Apparently, Ukraine controlled a portion of the oil pipelines that Russia relied upon to pump oil out. Nevertheless, the Russians were required to pay a tax using this route. 

In order to avoid paying this tax, Russia elected to control Ukraineoil pipelines and keep all of these profits. The United Nations viewed this illegal occupation as a violation of treaty agreements, so the United States issued sanctions on Russia to block trade. Moreover, larger nations within the U.N. network also took part in these sanctions to punish Russia. Some people would assume Russia could survive without any outside help. This is not the case, as Russia needs trade to sell their products. Without any trade, they lose access to imports and cannot generate revenue on exports.

Russia found solace in Donald J. Trump. The polarizing presidential candidate spoke candidly of Vladimir Putin while on the campaign trail. Based on intelligence surveillance, there is speculation that Donald Trump’s camp colluded with Russia to undermine Hillary Clinton, the Democrat frontrunner. Americans are left in the dark on the truth about the Trump Administration and possible Russia connections. For the most part, American intelligence agencies are fully aware of this possible Russian connection. These spy agencies are currently investigating secret files that could connect the dots back to the Trump Administration.

On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump shockingly defeated Hillary Clinton in the general election. DJT won the most important swing statesbreaking down the firewall the Clinton Camp anticipated would win them the election. However, Trump collected enough electoral college votes necessary to win POTUS#45! As POTUS-Elect, the Obama Administration communicated with intelligence agencies that Russia did in fact intervene with the general election to help Donald J. Trump gain a competitive advance over his rival, Hillary Clinton. Trump downplayed these allegations, pointing the finger at any person—even a 400 pound New Jersey man laying on his bed. Trump refused daily intelligence briefings, claiming he was smart and did not require repetitive material.

Nevertheless, President Obama and President-Elect Trump took part in a private meeting about Russian hackings. In this meeting, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump was told that he may be compromised because Russia could hold sensitive information on him. It was revealed again, that Russia hacked into the DNC and sent out a phishing email scam on John Podesta, Clinton’s Campaign Manager. Once this private meeting concluded, denier President-Elect Trump shared that Russia did hack the DNC. Washington officials, the media and the American people grew suspicious on Trump and his possible conflict of interest with Russia.

President Donald Trump denies any connection with Putin and Russia. He claimed that before accepting a congratulatory call from Russian President Putin and another on Inauguration Day, he neverspoke or met this tyrannical leader. In two different interviewsbetween 2013-2015, Trump claimed to have a good relationship with Putin. His infamous smug smile - in these interviews - shed light on this possible connection. Trump tweeted out that he never met Putin and does not have any business dealings in this nation.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn made multiple calls to Russia on Obama Sanction Day. When Russia were deemed in violation of hacking the general election, President Obama issued new sanctions to order Russian diplomats, their families and associates to immediately vacate the United States. President Putin somehow stayed calm. Instead of kicking out American diplomats, he invited them to holiday parties. But for the most part, Flynn calls were reported as deeply concerning. The soon-to-be National Security Adviser concealed the nature of these calls. He recalled discussing ways to work together and sending condolences on the assassination of Russian Turkey Ambassador. As questions and reports surfaced that proved Flynn did indeed discuss sanctions, the former U.S. military General took personal accountability. He admitted that Russian sanctions were indeed discussed in the several calls made on Obama Sanction Day. Flynn turned in his resignation to vacate the NS Adviser position, the quickest stint in American history: An Average National Adviser lasts an average of 2.5 years.

President Trump took to Twitter to express his disgust in private leaks. He blamed these disturbing illegal leaks within his administration for unfairly implicating Flynn of wrongdoing, when in fact he did not violate any laws. Trump continued labeling MSM (mainstream media) as fake news. This attack against the media got worse as soon as Trump flipped the script and identified MSM the enemy of the American people. By then, Pro-Trump FoxNews began to confront Trump on his controversial war against all media outlets. All MSM, except Breitbart News and a few right leaning news outlets, critiqued this lewd label.

President Trump held a press conference to share that his administration is working like a fine-tuned engineUnfortunately, Trump discussed his so-called huge electoral college win again. A media reporter challenged Trump on this false information. Trump uncomfortably pulled back and blamed this misinformation on another individual who told him he had the greatest victory since Reagan. The truth be told: POTUS #41 George H.W. Bush got awarded over 400+ EC. The highlight of this press conference involved Trump being asked Russian questions. He took on the defense, denying clear-cut answers to divert this connection.

Russian sanctions still remain in effect. Inside sources suggest there are documents that Flynn would deliver to drop these sanctions. In present time, no additional talk is being directed at dropping sanctions. Vice President Pence, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and Homeland Security Director John Kelley are doing damage control to calm American alliesA super controversial POTUS such as Trump has no filters. 

President Trump's behavior/attitude are burning bridges with U.S. Allies. Soon enough, the U.N., MSM, American people, and the world will learn whether Russian sanctions will be removed to expedite billions in oil. Most importantly, the Russian connection will continue on or be squashed. 

When Trump Supporters are all about Trump

Donald J. Trump won the general election in a shocking upset. Most open-minded people give Trump a great deal of credit for keeping his campaign afloat while being outperformed by Hillary Rodham Clinton in that particular department: Campaign funding/donations. Surprisingly, Trump infused his campaign with $66 million of his personal fortune to keep the "Make America Great Again" mission moving forward.

After winning the presidency on November 8, 2016, word traveled around that President-elect Trump masterfully leveraged social media platforms to reach out to his supporters. Furthermore, Jared Kutchner, Trump's son-in-law and husband of Ivanka Trump, empowered Silicon Valley contacts to capitalize on swing states. Donald J. Trump winning the U.S. presidency is not the real problem America should be concerned about, rather the major issues developing since the improbable election win are actions of Trump supporters.

Donald J. Trump opened dangerous doors to a suppressed hate involving backwards America. Though Trump claimed this hate brewed during President Obama's presidency and way back into the past, there is strong evidence to prove these current times are partly to blame for Trump supporters going on hate-filled missions to insult Democrats/Liberals/Left, the media, UC Berkeley students, SNL cast, federal judges, foreign nations, and especially terrorists assumed as predominately Muslims. On Twitter, Facebook, in news comment sections, on Breitbart, FoxNews, Buzzfeed, ABC, MSNBC, and other online platforms, Trump supporters are out in full-force to threaten people who criticize their beloved idol.

Trump supporters on social media make it known of their identity. There is no hiding their support for Donald J. Trump. Democrats/Liberals/Left realize that Trump won the presidency. However, these people won't quit boasting about Trump winning the election and Hillary Clinton emails. On social media, page headers feature President Trump's inauguration photo from front view. Most open-minded people understand that Trump had one of the most scant inauguration showings in modern time.

Trump supporters are quick to defend Mr. Trump. Whenever media outlets and people question inauguration size, travel ban, judge rulings, cabinet selections, nominations, Tweets, speeches, press conferences, and other Trump gripes, Trump supporters will attack these so-called enemies like a nuclear submarine. They usually travel in packs to consume victims. Unless people are prepared to handle extreme criticism, don't get into arguments with type of Trump supporters.

A new breed of Trump supporters are oblivious to their surroundings. They play the victim card to disarm the opposition. One minute a free thinker is having a debate, and then the next minute they're labeled as belittling, mean-spirited, rude people. These Trump supporters are silent sleepers. They will turn the tables on people trying to have a real discussion. It's a losing battle, because somehow these Trump supporters are able to make people feel sympathy for them. Their excuse for Donald Trump acting inappropriate: Trump must show toughness to get respect.

Does this mean Trump can insult all public figures, corporations, actors and actresses, world leaders, nations, and an entire religion? These specific supporters will get more offended of people calling their region trash than if individuals curse at them. In the end, they will refer to intelligent people as the losing side in the debate. If a person shares their goodness, these Trump supporters take offense to this; they believe they're viewed as being incapable of showing the same compassion. Beware of these Trump supporters. If people enjoy babysitting feelings, then go ahead and debate the sensitive Trump supporters.

Uneducated Trump supporters have an interesting approach. They will spread fake news without understanding the impact of this immoral action. These supporters make no excuse for their lack of education and poor behavior. Dealing with this population is at least honest. For the most part, no games are played while challenging President Trump's actions and his rogue policies. Sharing real news with uneducated/misinformed Trump supporters to challenge inaccurate information results in arguments regarding fake news. Everything that does not support Trump is viewed as fake news.

The Kansas City shooting and the recent hanging of a teenage Muslim kid in Seattle are crimes that may point to the rhetoric spewing from the White Lie House. Emphasis on the danger of terrorism and terrorists cloud peoples' judgement. These hateful people probably think that killing people who look Muslim or practice Islam will protect national security. A Trump supporter, a white Canadian university student in Quebec, killed several Muslim worshippers while they prayed in a mosque. To suggest these disturbing events trickled down from the previous administration show a moral disconnect. People are acting oblivious to the fear tactics the White Lie House use to coerce them into believing terrorism is the biggest threat against Americans. President Trump and his cabinet rely on keeping people scared to maintain their war on terrorism.

In the eyes of many Trump supporters, Donald J. Trump can do no wrong. These people have a rebuttal whenever negative coverage challenge their Messiah sent down from God. It's nearly impossible to debate sensitive Trump supporters. Don't waste time and energy dealing with these people. Uneducated and rude Trump supporters are no mystery. Want to improve debating skills? Go ahead and challenge these people to a duel. Most Trump supporters truly believe the billionaire will have their best interests in mind. In retrospect, Trump supporters love Donald Trump too much to focus on important things that matter most--their lives.

KellyAnne Conway Couch Controversy

Image Credit: NYDailyNews

KellyAnne Conway is making news again for doing something again. African American leaders were invited into the Oval Office to meet President Trump. A picture circulating on the web shows KellyAnne with her legs folded back on a sofa while surfing on her cell phone. Meanwhile, a room full of African American leaders stand in a professional manner.

In fairness, this KellyAnne news is a half-truth. She actually took a picture of the leaders while on the couch. One photo fails to do justice. The most popular picture making rounds on the web show KellyAnne bending her legs and looking down at her phone without acknowledging the leaders. 

We're not a big fan of KellyAnne Conway. She's an enabler of Trump. Most of the time, she talks without giving media personnel a chance to speak. KellyAnne is an expert at changing the subject to avoid answering controversial questions that will likely anger her boss. Conway will never speak negatively of Donald J. Trump, which is understandable--considering her boss has a fragile ego. She practically begs the media to cover Trump positively when Hillary got dragged through the mud. 

Even after all of this, we still feel this KellyAnne Conway couch story is not newsworthy. The media pulled one photo out of the lot to criticize her for disrespecting the Oval Office and African American leaders. However, there is a warm, friendly picture of her snapping a photo of the leaders. 

Image Credit: GettyImages

Trump Vader strikes Back

Trump Vader is probably feeling sensitive that Attorney General Sessions recused himself from all investigations involving Russia and the Trump campaign. Most past POTUS would not look at smaller things because they hold the highest office in the world. Despite serving as POTUS, Trump Vader keeps pushing hard on Russian ties that he assumes other elected officials may hold to soften the blow on his possible guilt. What goes up must come down.  

Senator Schumer (D-NY), also known as Fake Tears Schumer to Donald Trump, met then President of Russia, Vladimir Putin in the United States in a public place as part of a visit to the White House in 2003. This Schumer/Putin connection is no connection, it's merely a formal introduction. As people can see, President Trump tweeted out this photo of Senator Schumer alongside President Putin. He urged for an investigation, possibly sarcasm intended, to be conducted on Schumer and Putin ties. 

Senator Schumer strikes back with actual facts that he met with Putin in public as part of President Putin's American visit to speak in the White House with then President Bush. He asked whether Trump and his team are willing to discuss theirs. This is the type of response the public will view as honest and ethical. Senator Schumer gets respect points for striking back against President Trump. 

President Trump is showing his true colors. His diversion technique, smoke and mirrors, is effective in shifting the focus away from his campaign team being investigated for Russian ties. Trump continually calls MSM (mainstream media) fake news to discredit them. For the most part, Trump attempts to control access to news without any rebuttal on its accuracy. The White House barred several reputable news media outlets, only inviting those who lean right and have covered President Trump fairly. Trump supporters condone this practice, also calling MSM fake news and feeling their leader is treated unfairly for his hard work and devotion to America. The brainwashing is obvious! 

President Trump's American view may feature 100 percent pro-Trump news coverage that makes him appear as a savior in the face of disaster. Trump is oblivious to the mission of MSM. These media professionals are not expected to make friends with Donald Trump. They shouldn't be punished for writing negative stories covering the Trump camp controversy. Trump's time in office is too early to measure, but this ego-driven POTUS still feels a constant need to report he has made an immense impact on positive growth--whereas all negative coverage and failures are directed to another party. 

Senator Schumer replied back with a powerful Tweet to challenge the sitting President of the United States to integrity and honesty. Not every person in America is watching President Trump with blinders on. Tweeting half-truths and one-sided information must be handled with professionalism. Trump is on a mission to discredit all opposition. 

When a person is asked whether they met an individual, as House Rep. Pelosi was asked, they're answering this question honestly. She never met with the Russian Ambassador in private, especially not during a controversial general election in which Russia is accused of swaying in favor of helping Donald Trump. The problem here is that Trump is stimulating the media to dig up pictures. Pelosi is never seen in a private place discussing U.S. trade secrets or practices, or making calls to calm down the opposition regarding newly-set sanctions. She is sitting at a table with other Congressional leaders--including the current Russian Ambassador and former Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev, who both stopped by to say hi to American policy-makers. This meeting was formal, not behind closed-doors, as such allegations swirl around the Trump camp.  

Elected officials are now expected to be specific in addressing questions. If these officials claim to never have met a particular individual, the media and the American people may not understand what they meant, such as never meeting in-person and not making private calls but with sitting together in a group or taking a call while on the government clock. President Trump is making a mess of the American government. At this pace, the United States may as well shift into an authoritarian government where all Trump says and does won't be challenged. Journalists can then be executed with gunfire squads for any criticism toward Trump and his people. 

In these current times, we're witnessing the deconstruction of America. Never mind the so-called economic growth owed to Donald Trump, the constant bickering and pointing fingers at one another reveal a deep divide in the Democratic and Republican Party. Trump probably expects people to remain silent. He wants people to confirm all his Tweets are 100 percent accurate.   

Millions of people can find images on the web. Trump is not sharing anything confidential with the public. Senator Schumer is not guilty of any wrongdoing. On the other side, the POTUS lacks basic understanding to compare the difference between under oath and in public versus closed-down sessions and a serious election meddling connected to Russia. We're unsure of whether Trump and his team threw Hillary Clinton under the bus to win the 2016 general election. Only time will reveal the truth. 

This is a major problem that cannot be ignored...

Integrity in US Federal Government

Billionaire real estate mogul, Donald J. Trump, won the United States general election held on November 8, 2016, defeating former First Lady, Senator of New York and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in a tight presidential race. Trump won 306 electoral votes, surpassing the required 270 to win. Clinton collected 232 electoral votes, falling short in her second quest to win the American presidency. Both political candidates were viewed as deeply polarizing.

The U.S. federal government are responsible for making the most important decisions that shape America. In recent time, mostly since Donald Trump won the election, the 45th President of the United States has continued to use Twitter as both a professional and personal choice to reach out to the public and communicate with popular figures on so-called urgent issues.

The White House view President Trump's Twitter use as necessary. What the White House says is probably what Donald Trump determines as appropriate. There is no way the White House can stop Trump from picking schoolyard fights on Twitter. The only way to stop Trump from using Twitter is Donald Trump deciding it's time to get off this platform. Imagine Twitter banning the POTUS for violating policies. Twitter would probably sink once petty Trump supporters began to cancel accounts.

President Trump will continue to use Twitter to bend the facts. There are half-truths claiming that Trump contributed to stock market gains, 15-year confidence (last time Republican George W. Bush stepped in as a Republican of a good inherited economy) new jobs(can't measure yet) and GDP growth(report back next year). The good or bad actions of the federal government have a direct impact on the stock market.

However, there is residual effect of former President Obama's 8 years in office. For President Trump to suggest his election win and 5 weeks in office have created $3.2 trillion in the stock market gains are misleading the American people. Furthermore, Trump claims his job plans boost confidence to a 15-year high is another unclear claim. Anything to make Trump look good will be tweeted out to improve confidence among Trump supporters, including the people who voted against Trump.

Trump has/will restore America back to its greatness. Name the last time America wasn't great? Make America Great Again lacks merit without telling the American people the last time it wasn't great. In such short time in office, President Trump continues to post positive remarks. No person in the world is immune to criticism, not even the POTUS. It's a two-way road that all people travel down. Make a mistake, own up to the consequences. Donald Trump will use his smug look to apologize--showing he's wrong. As tough of a competitor as Trump is, the American people will never learn about the real Trump.

Nevertheless, Twitter is the only way to see all sides of Donald Trump. It's an understatement to say Trump loves Twitter. The same can be said about Twitter loving Trump. The Master Plan: The two entities need to coexist. Integrity in the U.S. government is in assault mode. Americans haven't witnessed such an outspoken POTUS in the history of America. Trump will have to wait and see another year if his influence is responsible for American confidence and stock market gains.

The constant bickering between elected officials show the U.S. federal government have much work to do. Unless Donald Trump creates a official state newspaper, the American people cannot rely solely on Twitter to get news. Whenever President Trump is facing criticism, he points the blame at another (i.e. Gen Mattis). Serving as POTUS involves taking personal accountability when things go wrong.

In Trump's eyes: The intelligence agencies, courts, media, elected officials, terrorists, 7-nation travel ban, illegal immigrants and non-Trump supporters are on the wrong side of history. Donald Trump is always right, President Trump may privately think.

We need integrity in the U.S. federal government. Our American brand has remained strong for so long. With all this bickering back and forth, the world is watching our great nation implode. The last time we used fear of terrorism, we got into a trillion dollar problem. As a great nation, we cannot spread the U.S. so thin that we fail at everything. Staying true to all promises, whether most of Americans disagree, won't resolve the crisis brewing with this Russian connection controversy, terrorism, and deep social, political and class system divide.

The integrity of the voting system is at stake. The integrity of our American image is at stake. The integrity of the safety of America is at stake. The integrity of MSM is at stake. The integrity of President Donald Trump is in question. Protecting the integrity of the U.S. federal government is the most important solution in keeping the United States running as a Super Power.

What was the most money ever paid for a book?

The world record of $30.8 million was paid for The Codex Leicester, Leonardo Da Vinci. This book contained Leonard Da Vinci's scientific journals on his thoughts and theories.

Microsoft co-founder and richest man in the world Bill Gates won this Da Vinci book in an auction. To this day, the book holds the world record for the most money spent on a single book.

What does Slabbed mean in comics?

Slabbed is a term referencing the professional grading of comic books through the CGC (Certified Guaranty Company), located in Sarasota, Florida and established in 2000. The CGC has graded comic books of all types: Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, and Modern Age.

CGC professional grading inspired the beginning of high grade sales. 9.0+ comic books have fetched multiple times the Overstreet Comic Price Guide listing. CCG graded copies give comic book owners and sellers authenticity to back such grades. It keeps the comic book industry honest.

When a comic book is slabbed, it is sent off to the CGC with a fee. All slabbed comic books are on file. If a high grade Action Comics #1 and/or Detective Comics #27 shows up in a CGC case without a history of this comic book in census, then it is suspect of some wrongdoing.

Fresh slabbed comic books in high grades are selling for record prices. Heritage Auctions is one of the most recognized comic book auctions where comic book sales records are broken.

Check CGC Comics website for the cost of slabbing your comic books.

How to find the first appearance of a comic book character?

Comic books are gathering steam again. With recent Deadpool and previous comic book movies playing on the silver screen, this popularity is translating into steady increases in key issues.

Demand is heating up for major comic book issues from Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age and Modern Age books. The Walking Dead #1, though a relevant new issue (2003), is selling at above $1,000. New Mutants #98, the first appearance of Deadpool, is selling fast on auction websites.

How do we find the first appearance of comic book characters? There is a comic book website with the first appearance of many major characters.

Visit the following website here to find the 1st appearance & origin of comic book superheroes and characters.

First Appearance of Black Panther

Black Panther is the first highly public black comic book character. The first appearance of Black Panther took place in Fantastic Four #52, released in July, 1966.

Black Panther movie is due to be released in the movie box office in 2018. Fruitvale Station and Creed director, Ryan Coogler, is a leading contender to direct Black Panther.

As a key black comic character, Black Panther is expected to attract widespread attention. A black director may be ideal to give this movie its authentic roots.

However, Anthony Mackie, the actor who is playing Falcon in Captain America movies, believes the search for a black director to helm Black Panther is unnecessary. He feels race shouldn't be considered an selection criterion to direct this upcoming Black Panther movie.

Fantastic Four #52 is a highly sought after comic book. Based on current and future interest, acquiring this key issue is likely to bolster your comic book collection.

Deadpool first Appearance

Deadpool movie is opening this holiday weekend. This Marvel movie is expected to make $75+ million over the 4-day President's Day holiday weekend.

The first appearance of Deadpool took place in New Mutants #98, released in February, 1991. 

Protect your Brand

We live in a time where politics can/will ruin your brand. Beware of President Trump, the White House team and the band of Trump followers ...